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All times are in AEST
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Brisbane, Australia        8:30 pm AEST    
Auckland, New Zealand    11:30 pm NZDT   
Perth, Australia           6:30 pm AWST    
London, United Kingdom     10:30 am GMT    
Bangkok, Thailand              5:30 pm ICT     
Johannesburg, South Africa    12:30 pm SAST   
New York, USA                  6:30 am EDT     
Seattle, USA                  3:30 am PDT     
Singapore, Singapore          6:30 pm SGT     
Dallas, USA                   5:30 am CDT     

Brisbane, Australia            3:30 pm AEST   
Auckland, New Zealand       6:30 pm NZDT   
Perth, Australia               1:30 pm AWST   
London, United Kingdom      5:30 am GMT    
Bangkok, Thailand             12:30 pm ICT   
Johannesburg, South Africa    7:30 am SAST   
New York, USA                  1:30 am EDT    
Seattle, USA                   10:30 pm PDT   
Singapore, Singapore         at 1:30 pm SGT    
Dallas, USA                  12:30 am CDT